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Approximately 20–30 of these events have been organized in different parts of Finland annually for about the past twenty years, attracting some 6,000–7,000 participants per year.

Furthermore, in cooperation with local congregations of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Finland, ADRA Finland has provided assistance to meet the needs of people with limited means at different localities, benefiting an estimated total of 33,000–38,000 Finns yearly. Clients are often citizens living on meager income support from social services, but also single parents and, increasingly, immigrants.

ADRA Finland has participated in the distribution of EU food aid to people of limited means ever since this system of aid was launched in the 1990s. Over the course of that decade, EU food aid became a pseudo-official part of the Finnish social security system. Approximately 30 civic organizations or communities have functioned as distributors of this aid with the Agency for Rural Affairs administrating the system. In 2015, ADRA Finland applied to become a partner organization of the Agency for Rural Affairs and was granted the status.

In terms of weight, approximately 100,000 kilos of food aid have been distributed annually.