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  • Reducing poverty

  • Preventing marginalization

  • Promoting wholesome wellbeing


  • Activities for the achievement of Finnish development policy goals and UN development objectives


Our goal is to empower others!

ADRA Finland’s objective is to empower individuals and, hence, society. Practical development and relief effort is built on a foundation of appreciation, respect, encouragement and trust for the individual. This motivates one to act in ways that are responsible and worthy of confidence. Appreciation begets hope and the desire to press forward.


  • One of 130 country offices belonging to an international relief agency network that has been operating since 1956 (ADRA International is an organization with consultative status to the UN since 1977)

  • Exerts an influence with operations in the developing countries and particularly in Finland

  • A small office leads to low expenses; many volunteers lead to great influence

  • Operates at the grassroots level, also onsite in the destination countries, responding quickly to need for assistance

  • Is not selective and shows no discrimination towards anyone. Helps anyone in need, building on the foundation of Christian love for one’s neighbor

  • Committed to the international ethical principles of transparency, openness, quality control and monitored reporting practices

  • Long-term, programme-based, centralized development work and support both at home and abroad

  • Access to extensive expert networks. Cooperation with universities, research centers, various international organizations, governments as well as different religious denominations and churches both at home and abroad

  • Involves dozens of volunteers for projects annually (students, professionals from different industries, such as physicians, nurses, teachers, volunteer constructors, academics, etc.)