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Community Development Project

In Northern Vietnam, there are several ethnic tribes living in extreme poverty under highly undeveloped conditions. Together with local authorities, ADRA Finland launched a project for the development of these village communities in the province of Cao Bằng in the Bao Lac district near the border of China in early 2015.

The objective is to create a better standard of living in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, teaching village people to tend their means of livelihood and defend their interests in relation to local and state administration.


The project is an educational one, involving close contact with the area’s public authorities for the improvement of village living conditions.

The local authorities participate in training as well, together with the villagers.

The project involves establishing 15 village groups (CBOs) to defend the villagers’ interests.

Some 7,000 area residents are within the sphere of this activity either directly or indirectly. Project outcomes can well be applied also to other similar native communities and to the development of their livelihoods and subsistence.

Project partner ADRA Vietnam has long development work experience in the poor and remote Bao Lac district.