Alvin’s story

My name is Alvin Daniel Onyango, I am from Kenya. Ten years ago one of the ADRA Finland’s volunteers found me sadly crying along the path of Kendu Adventist Hospital. That was in 2012.

I was left out of school because my poor parents could not pay my school fees. I did not know then that my dream to accomplish education would come true that very day. Thanks to ADRA Finland’s continued support, today I am in the University pursuing bachelor degree in Finance in my second year of study already.

Because of my experience I simply cannot imagine a world without ADRA Finland, grateful to the many dedicated individuals that contribute and support it. Today I have become a responsible citizen in my own community and country at large, and also an active ADRA Finland volunteer.

During this corona virus pandemic I was able to write a letter to the UN habitat and ask for establishing hand washing stations for the vulnerable people in the informal settlements. They were able to respond positively and distributed to the area face masks and sanitizers.

I work with young people in sporting activities and I have been doing a lot of tree planting. I think that I have managed to plant around 5,700 trees. As I am celebrating my 23rd birthday on 11th of November, I humbly invite everyone to support ADRA Finland activities in Kenya and beyond with a donation.

Support ADRA Finland’s work to make a difference to more people on the www.sympatia.fi website.

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